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SpeedCoach GPS Model 2/SUP2 Firmware Updates

Your firmware version will be displayed on the splash screen upon start-up of your SpeedCoach. It is also available in the “About” section of the menu.

Note: Use of LiNK software’s data download feature requires Firmware Version 2.04 or higher. If you have an earlier version of firmware, you won’t be able to download any data until you’ve completed a firmware update.

How to get the latest firmware

  • Open LiNK and click on the "help" tab. Open "Update Your SpeedCoach" and click on the link in Step 1
  • Run/Install the program when prompted to load the new firmware files to your computer
  • On your SpeedCoach, go into the main menu and select "Data LiNK"
  • Pair your SpeedCoach to LiNK and you will be prompted that a new update is available

Release Notes:

  • Current Firmware Version: 2.13
  • Latest release date: 02.15.17

Other Important Information:

All firmware updates will wipe all current workout data from your SpeedCoach. Please transfer your data prior to updating firmware.

  • If you do not have a SpeedCoach with Training Pack, you are still able to update your firmware through LiNK, but you will need to purchase a Bluegiga Smart Dongle, available here.
  • You can also use this opportunity to upgrade your unit to a version with Training Pack and access the workout programming and LiNK data transfer capabilities.

Firmware Update Change Log:

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