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0160 SpeedCoach® Gold IN STOCK

What's in the Box: Control unit, bumper, lanyard, carry pouch & all instructions (a yellow bumper is provided).

You need to purchase the wiring (includes the hull mount & impeller, magnet) and the mounting bracket (if required) in the option box.

Advance your training with NK's latest training tool—the Speed Coach Gold Rowing System. The Speed Coach Gold has the same great features as the red Speed Coach, with a few new features to help you get more out of your time on the water.

  • Run a timed workout automatically
  • Review your performance
  • Save and graph your training history

 For technical details on the hull mount & how it will not affect your boat, please have a look at

Backlit Display

Even when you are rowing in the dark, you won't be kept in the dark when it comes to your performance measurements. The backlight will automatically illuminate in low-light conditions so you can continue to monitor your performance. If you row in the dark, you need the Speed Coach Gold.

Increased Memory Capacity

Now with over 500 memory points, the Speed Coach Gold can store your workout to almost any degree of detail. Storage intervals can be set for time, distance, or number of strokes. For example, to see extended data for a long row, set the storage interval for every 100meters; for more detailed data, set the storage interval for 10 seconds. Or, set the interval to every stroke and review an entire 2000 meter race.

Programmable Workouts

You can now run customized workouts with the Speed Coach Gold, which is especially useful for training without a coach. Simply program each interval for time, distance or number of strokes to create interval workouts, pyramids, castles, or any other customized workout. Performance for up to 100 intervals can be stored and recalled.

PC Interface (Sold separately)

With the optional PC Interface, you can download the stored data from the Gold to a PC for in-depth analysis, charting and storage. The Interface also uploads workouts onto the Gold, allowing you to quickly set workouts and store them for later use.

Speed Coach Gold Measurements

  • Distance
  • Speed/Split
  • Average Speed/Split
  • Time
  • Stroke Rate
  • Stroke Count

Speed Coach Gold Features

  • Automatic Backlight
  • Programmable Workout
  • Computer Upload
  • 560 Data Point Memory
  • Customizable Memory
  • Standard Wiring Compatible

Speed Coach Gold Accessories

  • Computer Interface
  • Protective Bumper

Please Note: NK strives to make all of its rowing products FLOAT (for obvious reasons). The Speed Coach Gold does indeed float…without the protective bumper. However, the combination of the backlight, the extra battery, and the bumper all add up to a product that goes down and stays down. We still strongly recommend that you use the bumper provided with your unit: damage from hitting the boathouse floor or dock is far more  likely  that a one-way trip to the bottom of the river. When on the water, PLEASE be sure to attach the Speed Coach to your boat by looping the lanyard around something secure and passing the Speed Coach through the loop. It's fast and easy, and will save it every time.

Additional Features

  • Control unit it completely compatible with current SpeedCoach wiring and impeller, as well as StrokeCoach wiring (for stroke rate, stroke count and time only).
  • Boat speed through the water is accurately measured and clearly displayed along with stroke rate, and either elapsed time, distance, average speed, or stroke count.
  • Readings continually update every stroke.
  • Automatic backlight is powered by second battery. If the backlight battery is drained, the unit will continue to operate without backlight.
  • Memory is stored automatically according to user defined interval. Up to 560 memory points can be stored.
  • Unit will automatically turn off when not in use to preserve battery life.
  • The display unit is completely waterproof, buoyant and durable.
  • Data can be uploaded to a PC with optional computer interface.



Speed through the water averaged over and updated every stroke. May be displayed as either speed (meters per second) or pace (time for 500 meters).


1/10th second resolution and accuracy. After 59 minutes, 59.9 seconds, display rolls back to 00:00.0 and continues counting.

Stroke Rate:

Strokes per minute with 1/2 stroke resolution and accuracy. Stroke rate is determined either from changes in hull speed picked up by the speed sensor or from a seat switch (optional). The seat switch option allows the rate window to operate when no speed sensor is used and also ensures accurate stroke rate readings in situations which may temporarily affect speed and rate accuracy (rowing at ratings of 15 SPM or less or near power lines, bridges and other sources of electromagnetic interference).


Automatic memory feature saves average speed, average rate and split time for over 500 intervals. User-selectable interval lengths - based on number of strokes, time or distance.


Choice of meters, kilometers, nautical miles or statute miles.

Automatic Start/Shut Down:

Clock starts automatically with first stroke. To preserve battery life, the display unit turns itself off when not in use.


Liquid crystal display. Contrast maintained even in bright sunlight. Electro-luminescent backlight illuminates the display in low-light conditions. A phototransistor sensor engages backlight only when necessary.


Two User-replaceable lithium CR2032 batteries (included) are required. First battery powers the unit, with an estimated life of 600 hours. Second battery powers the backlight, with an estimated life of 20 hours.


Impact-resistant polycarbonate case with sealed acrylic window. Two sealed push button controls. Waterproof and saltwater resistant. Display unit floats.


Installation of mounting bracket and speed sensor is simple and fast. Cordless communication between sensor and pickup - no through-hull holes needed. Two mounting brackets are available: foot stretcher "T-Bracket" and deck/wing "A-Bracket."

Physical Specifications:

Display unit measures 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 in. (90 x 60 x 23 mm.).


Two year warranty on entire system. Extended "Customer Care" warranty for unit only.

1.0 359.00
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